Piyush Singh

[Startup] ABYOM: Making India’s space fully reusable

We keep hearing about SpaceX and how it is revolutionizing space exploration through innovation. However, the space is no longer limited for western world or large corporates. Abyom Spacetech and Defence (Abyom) is a startup based in the tier-B city of Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur) which is working with a vision to make India’s space sector …

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[Startup] GROYYO: transforming manufacturing sector

Groyyo is manufacturing-first automation platform, brining millions of manufacturing MSMEs together on a single platform and helping them grow their business. Founded in 2021, Groyyo was started to introduce technology to small-scale factories with order management app. Groyyo has now onboarded around 360+ factories manufacturing products around 150+ categories for 110+ brands across 9+ countries …

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[Startup] AarogyaAI: Fighting against TB using technology

AarogyaAI is on a mission to save lives by strengthening fight against Tuberculosis (TB) in India. AarogyaAI enables physicians to take informed decision by combining genomics (study of DNA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to arrive a precision diagnostics that supports deciding correct combination of antibiotics for drug resistant TB. AarogyaAI uses se a DNA sequence …

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Fire in your belly

“Do not hesitate to share your business ideas with others for fear they might steal them. Nobody can steal the ‘fire in your belly,’ and at the end that is all that counts and differentiates you”. So if you come up with a startup/business idea, do share it with your others for feedback, because your initial idea would need refinement and honest feedbacks. If you are still skeptical in …

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Shorts- Culture #2

If a talkative member of your team becomes quiet suddenly, either something is wrong with the member or something is wrong within the team. Regardless, do not ignore it and talk to the member.

Shorts- Leadership #1

Leaders, irrespective of their domain or industry, always have these three roles for their team: Listening to the team members, not just hearing! Guiding, specially during challenging times Providing learning opportunities to each team member Are you doing them as leaders?

Defining Innovation

I am often asked how to define innovation? Defining something like Innovation is difficult, because Innovation is a concept that needs to be comprehended than defined. Now, if you look for definition of Innovation over the internet, you will find hundreds of them and the bizarre part is that most of these definitions are right …

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‘Listening’ is an essential skill! So how to become a good listener?

We often think that conversation is all about talking good. This is a misconception. As the old saying goes, we humans have two ears and one mouth, so perhaps nature designed us to listen more and talk comparatively less. However we generally fail to follow this law of nature. Specially in the corporate life, speaking …

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Empathy vs Sympathy

Empathy is one of the most important skill for an individual both for personal and professional life. In an organization, culture of Empathy can act as competitive advantage that helps in better understanding of the employees, customers and end-users. This ultimately leads to more relevant and acceptable products/solutions. However, most people generally confuse empathy with …

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