[Startup] ABYOM: Making India’s space fully reusable

We keep hearing about SpaceX and how it is revolutionizing space exploration through innovation. However, the space is no longer limited for western world or large corporates. Abyom Spacetech and Defence (Abyom) is a startup based in the tier-B city of Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur) which is working with a vision to make India’s space sector …

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[Startup] GROYYO: transforming manufacturing sector

Groyyo is manufacturing-first automation platform, brining millions of manufacturing MSMEs together on a single platform and helping them grow their business. Founded in 2021, Groyyo was started to introduce technology to small-scale factories with order management app. Groyyo has now onboarded around 360+ factories manufacturing products around 150+ categories for 110+ brands across 9+ countries …

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[Startup] AarogyaAI: Fighting against TB using technology

AarogyaAI is on a mission to save lives by strengthening fight against Tuberculosis (TB) in India. AarogyaAI enables physicians to take informed decision by combining genomics (study of DNA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to arrive a precision diagnostics that supports deciding correct combination of antibiotics for drug resistant TB. AarogyaAI uses se a DNA sequence …

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