[Startup] ABYOM: Making India’s space fully reusable

source: Abyom

We keep hearing about SpaceX and how it is revolutionizing space exploration through innovation. However, the space is no longer limited for western world or large corporates.

Abyom Spacetech and Defence (Abyom) is a startup based in the tier-B city of Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur) which is working with a vision to make India’s space sector fully usable and save earth from space debris.

Abyom is working to build reusable launch vehicles (RLV) which would bring down the cost of space missions and there would be no need to build a new rocket every time.

Abyom have also opened the Rocket and Space department which is dealing with teaching Rocket and Space science to any student from any age group, who wants to work in the field of Aerospace and Aeronautics.

Abyom Services:

Research and development of cutting-edge technologies

Manufacturing of the real-time launch vehicles reusable first stage boosters

Space education to young minds who wish to explore career in space sector 3D product design for products like rockets, boosters, rocket landing mechanism


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