Defining Innovation

I am often asked how to define innovation? Defining something like Innovation is difficult, because Innovation is a concept that needs to be comprehended than defined.

Now, if you look for definition of Innovation over the internet, you will find hundreds of them and the bizarre part is that most of these definitions are right in their own sense.

However my favourite definition of Innovation would simply be;

Application of idea that generates value

Now this small sentence has 3 important words, and let me quickly talk about it-

Application – Innovation is about trying/experimenting/taking action (there is an action-bias)

Idea – It can be a new idea or an inspired idea (you don’t need to invent the wheel every time)

Value – Value could be for anyone viz. person, society, organization or country (even a failed experiment is a value)

Another thing that this definition of Innovation clarifies is that Innovation need not be something extraordinary every time and even application of a simple idea generation value is also Innovation.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time, keep innovating!


Piyush Singh

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