Charrette method for solving multiple problems in a short time

What if you have a large team and want to solve multiple problem in a very limited time?

Use the Charette method

Procedure: Choose problems (multiple) for discussion ► Make sub-groups of the entire team (>15 people) ►  Assign a problem to each sub-group for ideation ►  Each sub-group chooses a recorder who will record all discussed ideas ►  After assigned time (say 15 min), the recorder moves to next sub-group taking along the discussed ideas and further builds on these ideas in the new group ►  After 15 mins, the recorder again moves to next sub-group with all the collated ideas ►  All recorders of each sub-group repeat this procedure till the rotation is complete and each sub-group has discussed all the problems.

Use and key benefits: Very effective for solving multiple problems with large team in a short time. It also provides each team member to voice their opinions for all the problems in a structured way.

Have you tried ‘Charette method’ with your team? I will be happy to hear about it.

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