Using ‘reverse brainstorming’ for creative ideas

This one is interesting and tricky at the same time. In other brainstorming methods, teams try to come up with ideas and solutions for solving a problem or grabbing an opportunity. Here also the intention is same, however you do it completely reverse.  It is fascinatingly based on human nature to see problems more easily than solutions.

Process – The process is simple.

  • Decide on a problem you want to solve (original problem)
  • Reverse the problem and make it a negative statement (examples are in the infographic below)
  • Now, brainstorm on the reverse problem to come up with reverse solution ideas
  • Once you have collected the ideas, now reverse the ideas to get the solution for the original problem

Use – Although it can be utilized for any problem or scenario, you can specifically use it when the team is finding it difficult to come up with creative ideas.

Key benefit – It provides an unorthodox thinking approach.  It can also be less stressful as compared to other brainstorming methods.

Have you tried reverse brainstorming with your team? I will be happy to hear about it.


Piyush Singh

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