Starbursting is a brainstorming technique which encourages asking questions, rather providing answers or ideas.

Use: It is very useful when you are trying to start or enhance something – new project, new product, new service, new features etc.

Process: It is a very simple process. Everyone in the team is asked to come up with questions for six categories of questions for the challenge at hand viz. why, what, when, how, who and where? Encourage everyone to generate as many questions possible and write your questions against each point of the star so that all members could see them.

An illustrative starbursting example for new product development and launch is provided in the image just for quick reference.

Ideal team size for the exercise: 3 to 10 members

Key Benefit: Helps you evaluate an idea or project by asking the right questions. It also helps in better understanding of all aspects the initiatives thus supporting better decision making and planning.

Pro-tip: Focus on the questions only at this stage and not answers (which you may be tempted to) and you can have a separate session to discuss and find best possible answers to the questions.

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